About Papanicolaou Blinds

G.A.I Papanicolaou Blinds was officially launched in 2007.Lenios-Lim-2015-(29)

Staffed by experienced personnel with more than 30 years of experience in the field of shading. Our staff is also made up of scientific personnel- Architects, Interior Designers etc. Keeping with the supply of products with high technical standards and contemporary design has earned us the trust of our customers.

The aim of G.A. I Papanicolaou Blinds is to identify the actual needs of the customer and offer the ideal solutions when it comes to internal and external shading, but also the conscious contribution to the protection of the environment by offering products with high sun protection indicators in order to save energy and add to the aesthetics of any given space using our ranges of contemporary modern or timeless shading solutions.

Our Partners

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