A quiet and smart motorized track designed by SOMFY, for all curtain types and shapes


  • A large range of solutions, with only one rail, two types of motors (GlydeaTM 35, GlydeaTM 60e) and several control modules
  • High flexibility to adapt to different types of curtains:
    • Rail up to 12m long
    • Bending radius from 300mm
    • Curtain weight up to 60 kg
    • Large choice of rail shapes
    • Plug-in modules to interface with additional technologies
    • Large range of accessories
  • Easy installation from plug and play to more advanced solutions
  • Motor can be also hidden in false ceilings (top mount kit)
  • Touch Motion feature to open and close the curtain simply by pulling on the fabric
  • Adjustable speed
  • Manual operation possible in case of power failure


  • By switch
  • By home automation
  • Remote control

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